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Vicky Beeching is an academic, writer, broadcaster and researcher specialising in the areas of ethics, spirituality and technology.

She studied theology at Oxford, then worked in American media for eight years based in California. Now she splits her time between a portfolio of interests.

She is a Visiting Research Fellow in Internet Ethics at Durham University. She is the Director of CyberSoul, a social media consultancy company. She also writes feature articles, speaks widely, and shares her thoughts on her award winning blog "Religion, Ethics & Rock n Roll".

Vicky is a regular guest on TV and radio shows like America's ABCFamily, the UK's Sky News Sunrise, BBC Radio 4's Sunday and BBC London 94.9. She has reviewed the newspapers on Sky News and on London's LBC Radio.

In the press she has given specialist comment on topics like the ethics of internet anonymity, euthanasia, the future of the music industry and digital downloads, women Bishops, Sunday trading, and the use of social media during the Olympics. She has also written by-lined content for BBC Religion and Ethics Online.

Vicky splits her time between bases in London and Sussex.

Career History

Vicky doesn’t fit into a typical box, which makes her refreshing. Oxford educated, with a BA and MA in Theology, she's smart yet doesn't take herself too seriously. She's passionate about spirituality, yet very open to the ideas of others. She is creative, yet also an analytical and systematic thinker. She is young and culture current, yet also an old soul with wisdom beyond her years.

After graduating from Oxford, Vicky was headhunted by an American booking agency and moved to the States. She worked for eight years in US broadcasting based between Nashville and LA, becoming a familiar face and voice in radio, TV, music and print. Whether hosting radio breakfast shows, speaking at the California Government's prayer breakfast alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, emceeing events for Disney, recording songs for EMI, or writing content for major magazines, Vicky's warm personality and passion have won her a committed following.

As a songwriter, Vicky was dubbed a "hitbound leader" by Billboard Magazine and has penned music for several Gold albums. Her songs with spiritual themes are sung around the globe in Churches and have been featured on BBC's Songs of Praise as well as countless American radio networks.

Living in California during the early years of the 'Social Media Revolution' Vicky was an early adopter of Twitter and WordPress. In a bold move, she requested that her record company EMI take down her $20k artist site so she could replace it with her own free WordPress blog. This raised questions at the time but it soon became clear that blogging and tweeting were the future. Today, Vicky has over 23k Twitter followers and writes two award winning blogs that attract around 10k readers a day. She is a sought after speaker and consultant on social media.

Vicky is an open minded person of faith who respects people of all beliefs and none.  She divides her time between academic research, radio and TV, social media consultancy, writing and speaking. For more detailed information on these areas of her work, check out the individual sections on this website.




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