SONSOFDAY is a Portland, Oregon alternative rock band. The band consists of Vlad, Roman & Scotty Belonozhko, brothers, who have managed to get along well enough to start a Rock band. They were born in the Soviet Union and moved to the United States 20 years ago.

The band played their first shows in 2005 and were recognized by local promoters and record labels. They have since recorded 2 full albums and a four-song EP. While promoting their latest release (Autumn Heart) they toured all over the US and parts of Europe.

They kicked off the summer of '11 by releasing a music video for their latest radio single, Revolution. The video features the city of Portland and Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats



Years: 2007-Present
Genre: Alternative, Acoustic Rock
Members: Vlad, Roman, Scotty
Current Record Label: 1964 records
Albums: Fragile People (2007), Oceans Deep (2009), Autumn Heart (2009)

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