Shine Bright Baby


Hailing from the sleepy town of Orrville, Ohio, they have an impressive repertoire in a short time. Emily Irene (lead vocals), Nathan Fertig (guitar/vocals), Hudson Taylor (bass/vocals), Josh Fink (guitar/vocals) and Karl Wendel (drums) have not wasted any time to make music that explodes onstage with their energy, drive and passion.Now, the curtain is rising and the stage is set for these five unlikely individuals to answer to their calling.“The Heart and Its Hope” EP (released May 2009) includes the energetic single “We Were Made To,” a song that Yes FM reviewers call “a fresh sound for this period of time.” Scoring a spots on major Christian festivals like Alive and Ichthus, has given the band the publicity needed to take them to the next level. Their touring has built them dedicated fan base both online and on the road. In three years time, they've gone from garage band to being dubbed “Ohio’s New Kids of Rock”. An engaging and unforgettable stage performance backs up the reputation that precedes them.




Years: 2007-Present
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Members: Emily, Nathan, Josh, Karl
Current Record Label: BEC Recordings
Albums: The Heart and Its Hope (2009)

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