Sarah Reeves


Raised in a family of musicians, music has always been embedded in Sarah Reeves' genes. But a radical encounter with God at the age of 15 forever changed her focus. "I was attending a youth camp in Alabama when I heard the voice of God call me to be a worship leader. I thought 'Of all people, You want ME?' I had a Moses moment as I felt everything opposite of confident and adequate for the task God laid out before me. Suddenly, a peace that passed all understanding consumed me as His Holy Spirit assured me of His promise that His strength is perfected in my weakness."

Sarah started her journey as a touring artist with Rush of Fools, Robbie Seay Band, Jimmy Needham, and several others. She has made her way throughout the country leading worship in a wide variety of places such as Acquire the Fire, Crystal Cathedral, and National Assemblies of God events as well as leading worship for Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and other women's conferences. 

Encountering God is what drives Sarah to sing. She says, "I pray God moves every heart closer to His as they listen to the music He's given me. My desire is for them to encounter Him in a deep and refreshing way, to cry if they need to cry, to dance if they need to dance. My prayer is that every heart will be opened up and there will be no shame in giving God our everything."

On her freshman album, Sarah produces a beautiful tapestry of praise and adoration with the breezy, lifting, worship-inducing track "Sweet Sweet Sound". A fervent plea for God's intervention in a broken world compels listeners to dive into a lifestyle of holiness with the sweetly melancholy piano ballad, "Come Save".  In her latest single "Mighty Wave," Sarah describes the complete removal of past sins and regrets like footprints in the sand after a high tide. "God gave me a dream of a woman pouring out a basket of her tears in the ocean and laying down her heavy loads at the shore. I immediately woke up after the dream and wrote this song of hope and freedom." Sarah's LP entitled "Broken Things" releases Summer of 2011. She feels this album holds the truest form of her vulnerability as a worship leader. "What you see live is what you'll take home with this record. It's spontaneous, intimate, honest, worshipful and will hopefully penetrate the heart and soul of every listener."

"I have one goal and one true destiny," Sarah Reeves declares with an urgency that is palpable, "and that is to bring people to the heart of God, to help them understand His love, His mercy, and the freedom and power of worshipping Him. My goal is to lead the nations into His arms. That's my calling." If such a bold declaration from one so young makes you fold your arms and paste a skeptical smirk across your face, Sarah's sweet, dimpled smile will immediately disarm you. A sampling of her music will convince you of her sincerity, and an examination of her lyrics will reveal a heart far older and wiser than her years.




Years: 2008-Present
Genre: Worship
Members: Sarah Reeves
Current Record Label: Not Available
Albums: Sweet Sweet Sound (2009), God of the Impossible EP (2010), Broken Things (2011)

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