Remedy Drive


my name is david zach and i write songs and sing in a band called remedy drive with timmy jones on drums, dave mohr on guitar, and corey horn on bass.  we made a record together called ‘resuscitate’ and we’re so glad to share it with you.

dave, corey and timmy joined the band in late 2010 after my three brothers who i toured with for years moved on from road life to stay in nebraska with wives and children.  it’s been quite a ride the last couple years that’s taken us to a new record label, a new agency and over 200 shows.

i love writing songs because music has a way of reminding me that something is right in the universe – melodies have a way of whispering a new language for an ancient hope.  somehow songs are able to push back the darkness a bit – and when we sing these songs it feels like we’re shooting bullet holes in the night sky so that the light can shine through – light that exposes these empty spaces inside of me – light that reminds me that i might be lost but i’m not a lost cause – light that someday is going to rip the sky wide open.

until then – we’re going to keep on putting one note in front of another – we’ll keep on writing these hopeful melodies and singing them together at 110db – and then someday by the crystal sea.

thanks for listening and thanks for singing along.



Years: 2006-Present
Genre: Rock
Members: David Zach, Timmy Jones, Corey Horn, Dave Mohr
Current Record Label: Centricity Music
Albums: Rip Open the Skies (2006), Daylight Is Coming (2008), The Daylight EP (2008), Light Makes A Way EP (2011), Resuscitate (2012)

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