Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a Faith driven punk rock/post hardcore band who strives to show people the light in a world of dark through music.....

It all started with two brothers and two acoustic guitars. This is the TRUE story, strap yourself in its quite a ride.

the Back Story

Ronnie and Randy began playing music together when they were 7 and 8 years old. Grandpa Gene came home from a yard sale and said "Here ya go learn how to play these it's fun." they started learning to play by ear and eventually formed a band called RAFM (radio active fungus monkeys) with Randy's friend Roger. They played together a couple years then split up. Ronnie met Jesse Carroll in drivers Ed and they became good friends over their love of punk rock. Ronnie playing drums joined Jesse's band called Burnout and they played house shows and small concerts together for about a year then decided to start a fresh new band. They recruited Randy as lead singer and formed a Christian metal band called Dishonest. This band played shows all over the southeast for the next 4 years and recorded 2 EPs as well as developing a solid Florida fan base. Ronnie began experimenting singing and writing songs in a more punk/post hardcore fashion the first one being called Kins and Carroll.

The birth of the Jumpsuit Appatrati........

Ronnie asked Randy and Jesse if they wanted to start a new project and they decided to pass so Ronnie recruited friends from his High School (Middleburg High School) to start playing his songs. Many friends came and went over the next year but Ronnie Winter and Duke Kitchens pushed through all the changes and finally settled down with Elias Reidy and Joey Westwood. At first Ronnie was still playing drums but then asked local drummer Jon Wilkes to play his parts so he could sing. The rest as they say is History....

The Virgin Years

The RJA signed a deal with Virgin Records on October 27th 2005 and made their debut album with award winning producer David Bendeth titled Don't You Fake It. They spent the next 2 years touring that album all over the world filming 4 music videos and having 2 singles chart on radio "Face Down" and "Gaurdian Angel". Things were good.

Lonley Road

Virgin records went through a phase of re-structuring and most of if not all of the people involved with DYFI were fired or quit. This left the band at a home that was empty to all things jumpsuit. They decided to record another record with Virgin and settled with Howard Benson as producer. The album was finished and shortly after guitarist Elias Reidy left the band to be replaced by Duke's friend Matt Carter. Then band filmed two videos and again toured the world with the single "You better Pray" charting on rock stations all over the US. Virgin records again went through another restructuring and this time the band had " finally had enough". The band was offered a new 360 deal by Virgin and respectfully declined thus making them Independent in February of 2010.

The Hell or High Water EP

Signaling their departure from Virgin the band released a self recorded EP produced by frontman Ronnie Winter that received great applause from old RJA fans and new alike. The band returned to their signature sound and style with no restrains crossing religious and sonic boundaries at will seamlessly integrating the fans to their new collective vision. Things were starting to look up again for the RjA.

Am I the Enemy

The band paired with the collective sounds to record and release their 3rd full length album Am I the Enemy which reached number 6 on the Independant charts and left most fans amply satisfied with the new spiritual and sonic direction. Josh Burke was added on Lead guitar and Ronnie's brother Randy took the helm on rhythm to properly recreate the guitars recorded with producer John Feldmann.
Josh Burke (lead guitar) met the band at a show in his hometown, Syracuse, NY when he was 16 years old, as just a fan. Ronnie needed a ride to the nearest guitar center to get some gear, so Josh and his father gave him a lift. It was here where Josh was able to show Ronnie just what he could do. The two decided to keep in contact. After keeping in touch and writing songs with Ronnie over the next year, Josh, now 17, was offered his first gig with RJA after the departure of Duke Kitchens and Matt Carter at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI with only three days to fly to Florida and rehearse. The show went great and Josh has been a member ever since.The band also decided to keep Ronnie(Ronnie has always written the drum tracks) as the studio drummer when Jon Wilkes left and decided to use touring drummers to keep things fresh and exciting in the drums department. The new line up has remained ever since. With direct Biblical references in both singles "Reap" and "Am I the Enemy" the band has begun their new journey and they ask....."Will you Join Us?"



Years: 2006-Present
Genre: Rock
Members: Ronnie Winter, Joey Westwood, Randy Winter, Josh Burke
Current Record Label: Lonley Road
Albums: Don't You Fake It (2006), Lonely Road (2009), The Hell Or High Water EP (2010), Am I The Enemy (2011), Et Tu, Brute ? (2013)

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