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The Long Awaited And Anticipated Sophomore Album By Melodie Joy…


The Life, The Journey, The Voice…, has been over a year long process of day in and day out creative brainstorming, dedication and hard work, now come to life. Many may not be aware of the amount of work that goes into making such a mass production, independently. “This is my story,” says Melodie Joy about her new Spanish/English language album Su Vida, Sus Pasos, Su Voz…; The Life, The Journey, The Voice…,” about persisting in spite of small set backs and growing from them to live out a major come back.”

It all started the end of 2006 with just a small seed of a vision God placed in her heart while up late in her room, as she usually is.  As she stared into the ceiling that evening she cried out to God saying “ There has to be more to life. You’ve promised me so many wonderful things and I’ve only had the privilege of experiencing just a small fraction of them. Why?” She realized in her inner most being that God was going to open the flood gates of heaven so wide that He had to take her through the journey of discovering who she was created to be in Him and what she was created to do for His Glory and the promotion of the Kingdome. So, she trusted the Lord with all her hearts desires and placed them in His care to do whatsoever he pleased.  Then, waited……

Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico on October 6, 1981, to the proud parents Patricia & José “Papo G” Gutierrez. In hopes to pursue better opportunities the family relocated to New Jersey. After many years the last move was in order, this time to the Sunshine State of Fl. This is where she first got discovered by One-Voice Productions and became an official “Artist” at the age of 15. Soon after, her fist Spanish language album entitled “Virus del Milenio”, was released in 1999, for which she was nominated a Dove Award the year after and toured throughout the USA and Latin America.

During the journey of the following nine years is where many are wondering why and what took place. The musical relationship between One-Voice Productions and Melodie Joy had taken it’s course and come to an end. “Who would’ve known Nashville, Tn would’ve been my next address by becoming a member of a girl group, under Warner Bros. named “CHICA”, Melodie Joy said.  “It was there that I had the honor of working with some of the world’s renown producers, David Mullen being one of them. That experience allowed me to feature his song “Dream On” as the single”. As that era came to a close, the art of working behind the scenes with, Danilo Montero, Doris Machin, Migdalia Rivera,  Ivan Y Ab,Group 1 Crew, Grits, Eric Lopez, Rachael Lampa, Pastor Clint Brown, Larue Howard, Mase and many more, took precedence.  And so, music has always been the driving force in her heart and continues to play a lead role in her life today and always.


“I would have never grown as much as I did with out all the ups and downs.  Looking back, I can finally say everything worked out in my favor. This album, “The Life, The Jorney, The Voice…”, would’ve not been possible without all the lessons learned.  As you listen to the songs you’ll hear a lot of personal hurts and triumphs. I hope this will inspire you to never give up even if the odds are against you.”

With All The Love In My Heart
Spread Love,

Melodie Joy



Years: 2009-Present
Genre: Latin Pop, Reggaeton
Members: Melodie Joy
Current Record Label: Melrose Entertainment/Universal Music Group/Fontana
Albums: Su Vida, Sus Pasos, Su Voz... (2009), L.I.F.E. (2010)

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