Falling Up


After taking a short hiatus in 2010 the Oregon outfit known as Falling Up is back with a brand new offering entitled "Your Sparkling Death Cometh". This album only came about after the band and their previous record label decided to part ways in late 2010. Falling Up still wanted to make a new album so they decided to raise funds for the recording process through a Kickstarter campaign. Their fans obliged and donated above and beyond their goal.

Jessy Ribordy, Josh Shroy, and Jeremy Miller complete the group and have been mainstays in the band and in the industry since its inception in 2001. Now ten years later things are looking bright for this trio of musicians! Hopefully there's another 10 years in them!




Years: 2003-Present
Genre: Rock
Members: Jessy Ribordy, Josh Shroy, Jeremy Miller
Current Record Label: Chandellies
Albums: Crashings (2003), Dawn Escapes (2005), Exit Lights (2006), Double Take: Falling Up (2006), Captiva (2007), Discover the Trees Again (2008), Fangs! (2009), Your Sparkling Death Cometh (2011)

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