Known for their ability to engage church audiences of all ages and worship traditions, Deluge calls Baton Rouge's Bethany World Prayer Center home. Not only do the band members attend Bethany, "frontman" Jonathan Stockstill serves as Bethany's lead pastor, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in service to the church.

Hailed by for their "rock-solid music

ianship" and "inventive, hard-to-peg style," Deluge first caught the attention of music critics and fans with the release of their self-titled Integrity Music debut in 2008. Two years later, the band returned with Unshakable, an album filled with songs inspired by faith-trying testimony. Now the band offers up Swell, a 12-track album produced by Brent Milligan (Steven Curtis Chapman/Audio Adrenaline) that features all new songs recorded live at the church's annual 220 Conference. The project includes songs written by Deluge's Stockstill, Andrae Harrison and Corey Bastin with guest co-writes by Milligan, Martha Munizzi and Stu G (Delirious), who also serves as a guest musician on the album.

Deluge originally developed out of Bethany World Prayer Center's intense "DELUGE" worship conferences. As new songs emerged from these times of corporate prayer and worship, Jonathan Stockstill and his bandmates began honing their unique sound, a gumbo of the music styles found in their home state.

But Deluge is way more than "a sound." The band represents the dynamic worship found at Bethany, one of the most vibrant multi-cultural ministries in America with a congregation of thousands, a global network of affiliated churches and a youth ministry attended weekly by over 3,000 students. Led by Stockstill, the Deluge team has evolved into a collaboration of worship leaders, musicians, singers, and songwriters within the Bethany community. For more information, visit




Years: 2003-Present
Genre: Christian Worship, Rock
Members: Jonathan Stockstill, Corey Bastin, Andrae Harrison, Keith Gassette, Jason Stockstill
Current Record Label: Integrity Music
Albums: Split EP (2003), Bethany Presents Deluge (2008), Unshakable (2010), Resolution Resolved EP (2011), Swell (2012)

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