Children 18:3


On the right side of the stage you see David, lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. Chopped black hair around piecing eyes that bleed black mascara. Sleeveless, torn, jean-jacketed, a vision of a classic era, spirit of ʻ77. On the left side of the stage Lee Marie swings her bass high above her platinum blonde maelstrom, supported by white high-heels. She screams with lipstck-laden vocal yelps and finger-points to the sky. And behind, Seth twirls his sticks and bashes in rhythm to complete the whirlwind that is...Children 18:3.

Then come the sounds, cutting your face like glass shrapnel. You hear classic song structure, guitar crunch, and fast driving beats. Just the right blend of melody and muscle, exchanged between the male and female voices onstage, to make this bit more universal than simple two-dimensional aggression. You hear songs, not just riffs with outfits. Rock songs you can grab a hold of, yet completely raw in presentation. And finally, the words are defiant, poetic, and
communal. Just the type of thing a starving musical climate needs:

A reminder of everything that was once right about punk and rock nʼ roll.

The band enlisted award winning producer, Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., The Letter Black) to turn the knobs on their newest work, On the Run. This album is positioned to be their best work yet focusing on hooky melodies, big rock guitars and pure attitude. Christian Lindskog of Swedish phenoms Blindside can also be found lending guest vocals on the track, Afraid of the Dark. Release date in June 19, 2012.

Welcome to the world of Children 18:3…




Years: 2008-Present
Genre: Rock & Roll
Members: David, Seth, LeeMarie
Current Record Label: Tooth & Nail
Albums: Children 18:3 (2008), Rain's a Comin' (2010), On The Run (2012)

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